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Ted Nottingham

Ted Nottingham

Ted Nottingham reads from the newly published fourth edition of the spiritual masterpiece "The Prayer of the Heart: The Foundational Spiritual Mystery at the Core of Christianity" accompanied with images from Bethanie, the community where this book was conceived and practiced for decades. The book is available on Amazon and Kindle

Experiencing Life Eternal Now through Transcendent Wisdom Ted Nottingham spontaneously translates a spiritual teaching written by Father Alphonse Goettmann and his spouse Rachel, master teachers of experiential spirituality arising from the origins of Christianity. These teachings bring an entirely new and living universal understanding to the original revealtions of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, still larger unknown in the West.

Ted Nottingham introduces a new edition of the book "The Beyond Within: Initiation into Meditation" by Father Alphonse and Rachel Goettmann which he translated with his wife Rebecca some twenty years ago. This new edition includes a Foreword by the late Father George Maloney, S.J., author of more than sixty books on the spirituality of early Christianity. This work offers both practical methods for transformational meditation and deep insight into the early teachings of Christianity which have been lost to the West for centuries.

Ted Nottingham introduces the books "The Path of Initiation" and "Becoming Real: Essays on the Teachings of a Master." These rare books from the original French offer insight into the transformational wisdom of Karlfried Graf Durckheim, one of the great spiritual teachers of the twentieth century, still little known in the English speaking world.

Ted Nottingham spontaneously translates for the English-speaking spiritual seeker exceptional teachings from one of the leading master teachers in Europe. These words are taken from the quarterly journal "Le Chemin" (The Path) published by the community of Bethanie and filled with some of the deepest wisdom available in our time. The parallels with other teachings should be evident even with differences in vocabulary. This is universal Truth.

Ted Nottingham translates a monthly letter from Father Alphonse Goettmann and his wife Rachel filled with their deep wisdom and knowledge as long-time spiritual teachers. This Teaching Letter is from their community in eastern France known as the Center of Bethanie where thousands of spiritual seekers of found life-changing experiential wisdom from their workshops, retreats, sessions and books.

Ted Nottingham spontaneously translates an exceptional teaching from Father Alphonse Goettmann on the foundational spiritual theme of "Vigilance". The material is taken from the quarterly journal "Le Chemin" or "The Path" published in French from the Center of Bethanie. This is an Orthodox community in Eastern France led by Father Goettmann and his spouse Rachel. Countless seekers from Europe have gathered there for decades to learn the deepest wisdom of spiritual transformation, coming out of the origins of Christianity and incorporating the universal wisdom teachings of humanity.

Translations of the Goettmann's books may be found on Amazon and Kindle here

Karlfried Graf Durckheim: The Path of Initiation

A Visual/Musical Meditation on the Anointed One The classic mournful and spiritual sound of "Pie Jesu" with images of the life of Yeshua. Just Published! A new, powerful edition of the transformational teachings from the Source -- early Eastern Christianity. "Wisdom and Practices of the Ancient Faith" translated from the original French and available on Amazon and Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Wisdom-Practices-Ancient-Alphonse-Goettmann/dp/0985907436/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393389187&sr=8-1&keywords=wisdom+and+practices+of+the+ancient+faith+goettmann

A visual and musical exploration of the books, spiritual translations, visionary fiction, and children's stories available on Amazon and Kindle through Theosis Books.