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The beyound within : initiation into meditation

Nouvelle édition de la version anglaise du livre " L'Au-delà au fond de nous-mêmes : Initiation à la méditation" de Père Alphonse Goettmann et son épouse Rachel

TraductionThéodore et Rebecca Nottingham

This book offers the practical details of entering into deep meditation, from ways of sitting to the classic position of hands. It draws from a variety of teachings, including ancient Christian, Buddhist and modern psychotherapy. The reader will also find here the presentation of the mystical side of Christianity as taught in the early centuries when union with the Divine was meant to be an experience, not merely a belief. The authors are also influenced by the great German master Karlfried Graf Durckheim, whose teaching combines years of study with Zen Buddhists in Japan, a personal friendship with Jung, and the wisdom of the mystic Meister Eckhart. For readers who wish to find their center and true inner peace, and for those who wish to rediscover the deeper contents of their religion, this is the book to read. The foreword is by well known author George Maloney.

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